There is something so satisfying about working with an artist to create a custom piece of jewelry. I love the idea of having something unique that represents your own personal vision. These ideals put my husband and I in quite the predicament when shopping for his wedding band. After countless visits to jewelry stores and looking at hundreds of rings we couldn’t find anything that was us. So we decided to find someone who could create our own. In the end the ring turned out amazing but the road to getting it wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. Here are my tips on how make your custom jewelry journey as smooth as possible.

Search out an artist who style matches the piece you are looking for. If a jeweler has something similar to what you are looking for ask them to make adjustments to a piece they already designed. That way the artist is still working in their aesthetic.

Be patient. If you are thinking of ordering a custom piece for a certain date, i.e. your wedding, plan months in advance. And then take that times three. Things always take three times longer than you think they will. Leaving yourself a cushion so things can be re-worked if they aren’t just right will ensure your end up with perfection.

Use pictures. We all speak in different language and many people are visual. By showing the artist a sketch they will have a better idea of what you are expecting.

Research your metals. This is especially important no matter where your purchase your ring.
In the end we ended up finding a fabulous etsy seller, L R Jewelry to create my husband’s ring. We are absolutely ecstatic with the results. If you are looking for something local there are a some great jewelers right in Omaha. Check out Goldsmith Silversmith or Perspective Jewelry Design Studio both are located downtown or Silversmith Jewelry & workshop in Rockbrook Village.