Emily Edson Design Blog

About_EmilyI am obsessed with all things design, whether it be packaging, furniture, art, wedding invitations or floral. My prudence, something I inherited from my father and have had reinforced by my husband, always has me looking for a more efficient and affordable way to live. I have background in graphic design, art and weddings.

There are two aspirations that led me to this place. First, the drive to create, second the necessity of a larger (and slightly less dilapidated) living space, coupled with the realization that I just can’t function in a normal, run of the mill space. The first led me to create Emily Edson Design. Since its creation, my small business has evolved from graphic design to wedding and event design. The latter, led me on a year-and-a-half pursuit of a modern space I could transform into a home on a limited budget.

That brings me to today. My small business is growing, while I work full-time. Our living space is about 75% complete and still very bare. Follow me as I work to build my design business, and complete the living space project, three-and-a-half years in the making.